David Haley on the Issues:

Senator Haley believes that choosing to have a child is one of the most difficult decisions of a woman’s life. This choice should be made with the best information available and is a choice that involves family, religion, and personal believes; this choice should not be made by the government.

Civil Rights
Senator Haley has worked for his entire career on issues of civil rights. Criminal recodification, fighting illegal profiling, raising the standard of personal rights, and reforming our death penalty laws have been issues that David Haley has built real bi-partisan support around. He also supports the Employment Non-Discrimination act.

Economy and Jobs
Governor Sebelius, David Haley, and a number of leaders across Kansas came together to help with the Legends and Speedway development in Wyandotte County. With Haley’s leadership, Kansas can grow its economy with new private sector jobs like these along with new green-collar jobs all across Kansas. As a moderate Kansan, David Haley has proven his ability to help drive economic development without wasteful spending or cuts in important programs like education. This is why the MAINstream coalition has endorsed David Haley’s candidacy.

Financial Reform
When commercial banks and investment banks are allowed to securitize people’s hard earned money without any consumer protections, money will be traded at too great a risk. The people of Kansas deserve to know how their money is invested; David Haley supports financial reform.

Gun Control
David Haley fully supports 2nd Amendment rights.

Health Care
Insurance companies should not be allowed to discriminate against people with pre-existing conditions. David Haley has been a supporter of an option to allow private citizens to buy the same plan congress and government employees are allowed to purchase.

There has not been a more tireless supporter of labor organizations, working people, and Kansas small businesses than David Haley. When David Haley becomes a United States Senator, working people will have a voice in Washington.

David Haley supports the troops. Unfortunately, our government does not do nearly enough for our nation’s veterans. As a United States Senator, David Haley will work tirelessly to improve our VA hospitals and veteran job-training programs.