“We Need A Pit Bull on This Pants Leg Of Opportunity”

Wyandotte County, Kansas is my native land.  And although being born and raised here (and opting to return to practice law and give back to my hometown) counts for a little, the greater good is the collective contributions to every corner of Wyandotte County that come from many of our citizens; whether native born or newly located.

I truly love Wyandotte County; our history, our diverse, unique cultures and the newly wrought promises and opportunities to truly become world class.  But, like too many Wyandotte Countians (maybe even you), it concerns me that our local government is paying attention, only sound bites and lip service, to sustaining and enhancing ALL regions of our County.

Make no mistake.  The fortune of supplemental revenues into our City’s coiffures are not permanent.

We believe the TIME to act, aggressively insuring the “high tide” of our collective investment and previously deferred (now realized) returns should “lift all boats”, is NOW.

The David Haley record for elected public service is clear.  Helpful Active Leadership Every Year (H.A.L.E.Y) is more than a reelection slogan.  It’s a PROUD name.

Today, Wyandotte County is a tale of TWO cities.  But with applied conscientious and proven governmental leadership, we together, old and new, can become a more united ONE.


~David Haley

Wyandotte County, KS