Moderation and common sense is the voice of everyday Kansans,
who simply work hard, play by the rules, and expect the same from their elected officials.




Haley for Kansas!

I take commitments very seriously and will continue to work hard every day to make a difference for you. Please contact me about issues on which I may be able to help.  Thank you!

As your Senator, I continue to support the full funding for a suitable public education for all Kansas children (irrespective of home school district) and fight to keep other rights unobstructed; like owning real property and protection of one's self and surroundings and access public venues and affordable healthcare options without regard as to one's race, income, gender, orientation, religion.

When times are tough, strong leadership is needed to set priorities, make hard decisions, and think about the future.  As Kansans, we take pride in our strong communities, excellent public schools, and prosperous businesses.  Challenges lie ahead to maintain the quality of life that we have come to treasure.  To these challenges I bring first-hand, long-term leadership, experience and perspective.

Thank you for your continued support and I welcome the opportunity to meet with those of you who I don't already know.  I am eager to visit with you and discuss what makes sense for our community and ways we can work together to improve this great state.

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Kansas City, Kansas native Senator David Haley is in his 23rd year in the Kansas Legislature, having served six years in the Kansas House and seventeen years in the Kansas Senate. 

David, the only attorney in the Kansas Senate, serves as the Ranking Democratic Member of the Senate Judiciary Committee and, previously, the Senate Public Health and Welfare Committee.